Ranking up

(Subject to change)

Council of 13 Answers to Mistress and Guardian Requirements: Former founding member of Thorn Ultros or moved to Ultros in the first 60 days of Thorn Ultros, (2) or more level 60 jobs, understanding of dungeons, crafting, or PvP. These members must be active in both LINE, FC chat, and Events. *New member rules will be applied as Thorn Members leave or needs arise.

Commander Answers to Champion Assists in other players in PvE-PvP. Attends events and recruits an average of three players a month. Requirements for Rank: 60 days in FC, active, approval of at least two member of the Co13 and 1 leader, uses LINE, and (1) healer or tank to 60 with two crafters above 30.Commanders are chosen based on their level of commitment to the free company. (Engaging in chat with FC, helping members, assisting with PvE leveling and gearing members.)


Captain Answers to Co13 Assist in PvE progress of other FC members Requires (1) 60 job and (1) crafting class any level must recruit one player a month. Captains are selected by the Co13 using that whatever methods they chose to evaluate members. Members must be with the FC 30 days to be eligible for this rank. 1st Lieutenant: Member is active in FC and LINE and assist other members Needs (1) class at 60. (1) crafter any level. Must recruit 5 active members

2nd Lieutenant: Member is active in FC understands FC recruitment policy and works well with members higher up.

Cadets rank up by assisting in FC events and being active in chat and with other members.


How to get promoted in the Free Company.

  • Be active in FC events and chat.
  • Help members with content and advancement.
  • Help the Free Company make seals.
  • Get a crafting class.
  • Recruit active members.

Revenance promotion schedule and rules: Promotions will be done on Thusdays. If someone is ready for Promotion. Special promotions can happen if they are to help balance/manage FC interest. Only Silver,Ptero, or Kiniiri are allowed to promote outside of the monthly promotion window.

How to be Dismissed from the Free Company.

  • Complain about promotion or status.
  • Make false claims about contributions.
  • General Bad attitude.
  • Making a profit off of other members.
  • Continous useless spamming the chat/LINE.
  • Excessive removal or selling of goods inside the company chest.

Members dismissed from FC are not allowed back without Co13 approval. * Your membership is at will. Leaders will not hesitate to take any steps necessary to elimate FC problems.

Perks of Membership

  1. Use of company airships for items. (Requires a 50 crafter)
  2. Gil Loans from the Bank of Ptero.
  3. Power leveling assistance for crafting.
  4. Monthly giveaways.
  5. Azure Lottery win 1 million gil.
  6. Name day control: Control what the company does on your name day.
  7. Free listing and hosting on a branded Internet media site. (For your Twitch, youtube, or podcast)
  8. Free gear for your first level 50 job.
  9. Daily rotating company actions.

MagnumREDD Act

Conflict and Complaint policy (The Magnum-REDD Act) All conflicts and complaints need to be addressed with the Azure Knight only. Spamming of FC chat, seeking an intermediary, or bringing the issue to another ranking member will not be tolerated, and result in your removal from the FC. Any member(s) meddling in these issues including offering point of view, or suggestions that are un-solicited will result in instant removal from the FC regardless of rank.

*Suggestions in this case are limited to those made about the matters covered in the Magnum-Redd Act, and not general suggestions on FC events or policy.