The Fault in Our Stars book review

The Fault in our stars is a book based on love story with many different emotions to it other than romance; the emotions expressed through the book are humor, anger and excitement. The book is based on a teenage girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who at the age of 13 is diagnosed with lung cancer. After being diagnosed she accepted the factors of the way her life was going to be from that point on. After being forced by parents to attend a support group; where she meets Augustus Waters who is a survival of cancer, he immediately is attracted to her which makes her uncomfortable and she starts to push him away. Augustus suddenly finds himself realizing she’s the type of girl he’s been looking for, as their relationship progresses into a love story. They travel together to Amsterdam to meet hazel grace’s all time favorite author Peter Van Houten. When they meet him he turns out to be a rude mean drunk and they end up disliking him and enjoying the rest of the time they have in Amsterdam together. During their trip Augustus tells hazel grace his cancer has returned, when they return home it’s known that Augustus may not have much time to live. As hazel and his best friend exchange eulogies at his Augustus fake funeral. Through it all hazel was there for Augustus till the end. When Augustus dies hazel is surprised to see Van Houten there. She talks to him and finds out he wrote their favorite book An Imperial Affliction because he had a daughter who died because of cancer. She still doesn’t like him as a person but understands a little more of why he is the way he is. After the funeral she speaks to Isaac Augustus best friend and learns that he was writing something for her before he died. She went crazy looking for what he wrote thinking it was an alternate ending to an imperial affliction she wanted. At the end she learns Augustus wrote her eulogy which was sent to Van Houten which states that he hopes she’s happy with the decisions she made and Hazel says yes she is happy. The book was amazing. The story line was great I recommend the book to anyone who enjoys romance books or want to read something that bring out all of your emotions. I also recommend reading the book first before watching the movie it helps you understand the movie better.