Socks Darcy sent me : Día de Los Muertos Editon

As much as I would love to write a great and wonder piece about the history of October 31st and the traditions attached to it depending on your cultural heritage or religious beliefs. I'm not going to because honestly that's way to many words for a simple and silly post about socks. So let's get to why your looking at this.


Yes, I think she sent me chick socks. I like the skulls.

Look I'm sure there is a men's fashion site somewhere that says socks are as important as the outfit. Really not a damn person is going to know I'm wearing these inside my shoes. Except me and like 100 or so people on the Internet.


Ya, chick socks to small.


Avaiable in the Dollar Spot at Target.

There you have it the Socks Darcy Sent me for the Day of the Dead/Halloween. Although I thinks it's actually all weekend so it should be Days of. Anyway enjoy the holiday be safe. And please stop the zombie shit already. Honestly they are fake the Walking Dead is a TV show.

Tom C


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