Ettang Modeling Take-out Cup Pack Review


I was SUPER jealous by everyone's unboxing reviews of the Yogurt Memebox since so many people were raving about the Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup and then Memebox released the 7 Cup Pack on their website for ALL with free shipping~ And when I mean for all, I mean all. Not just people in the US mutter *mutters Well it just so happens A) I later got that Yogurt Memebox on a restock (YAY!) and 2) my 7-Cup Pack arrived this week! Along with my Foot Care box... And I think I should have the Honey and Yogurt box by this week ^^;; Omg guys, I've got so many boxes to review!! I say should btw because my tracking seems to be wonky and I will check in the morning to see if my package is being delivered, it says no, but when I check at work in the afternoon, it says it is being shipping out this morning?? O.o I'm gonna throw Canada Post under the bus for this one cause they're also delivering my stuff late in the afternoon, like at 3PM and that does NOT work with me >.>

cough Anyways~ Less ranting about postal woes and more talking about the Take-Out Cups! Oh yes and if you want one, Memebox seems to still be selling the box with the free-shipping deal on their website so if you click on the link here, it'll take you straight to their site!

First let's talk about the box itself before I go into my experience with the product and the Oatmeal cup! Now this pack comes with 7 different varieties:

  • Yogurt – Smooth skin texture, Bright skin tone, Glossy skin
  • Peppermint – Skin soothing, Skin refreshment, Skin conditioning
  • Acerola – Bright skin tone, Astringent effect, Skin elasticity
  • Propolis (HONEYYYYYYYY) – Nutrition supply, Skin’s protective film, Problematic skin soothing
  • Chlorella – Complexion purification, Skin improvement, Skin soothing
  • Oatmeal – Rich moisturization, Nutrition supply, Keratin care
  • Calendula (Marigold) – Sensitive skin, Skin relief, Skin moisturization

HOWEVER!! The full Take Out Pack has 9 cups and the two that didn't come with my pack were:

Black food - Skin elasticity, Oil and moisture balance, Nutrition supply Centella asiatica - Recovery of skin health, Skin protection, Skin vitality

Now I realllllly wished I had gotten the Black Food cup because that would be perfect for my oily skin and none of the other cups really deal with that skin issue :( If anyone per chance gets the Black Food cup, hit me up because I would love to see how that works with my skin type.


In each cup, it comes with a spatula for you to mix the water and powder together, and apply it to your skin. You can get two uses out of a cup as long as you split up the mix before you add the water. When I was mixing mine (halved it before hand), I used ~2 tablespoons of water and my mixture was a bit on the runny side so I would add a tablespoon, mix and carefully add enough water from the second one to get a smooth, gloopy mixture. You don't want any lumps in it!! Once its thoroughly mixed, you apply it directly to the face with the spatula and let it set for between 10 to 20 minutes. I found that I had enough mixture when I halved it to apply to my face.

Here are some totally glamorous shots of me wearing the mask!

Yes!! I put that stuff all over my eyebrows to test for you guys to see how it would react to hairs and if it would take them away once I removed the hardened mask.

Once the mask has set (I pulled that bad boy off at 15mins), just peel it off and you are done. You might want to have a wipe on hand to help clean up any leftovers on your face but for the most part, the mask came off without a struggle and didn't take my eyebrows with it!!

I did feel that my skin was nice and soft once I pulled the mask off, though I can't really tell if it de-clogged my pores. It left my skin feeling softer, clean, and moist, but not to the level where my skin was oily. I'll try it again and be more careful with the water amount to see if I get a different result.

Since I only paid $17 (US) for the box, I feel like you could get some good value out of the cups if you got 2 uses out of each cup. That would make each "mask" ~ $1.21 and on Ettang's Korean website, they can cost between $2.46 and $2.74.

If you want to read an in-depth look at the entire line, this lovely blogger has written up a blog entry on it . Though if you want to order a box for yourself, head over to Memebox's website and order it for yourself! The free shipping deal is still on and there is no telling how long that will last, or the $17 deal. Or if you want the whole kit, go to Amazon and buy it there.

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(Before s&h and taxes)

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