Monument Valley Game Review


Monument looks beautiful and has a fluid experience. It's real problem is it's boring for me. The story and game play don't make me want to play as it feels really repetitive. I got a fair amount of levels completed before I lost interest with the whole game. I've noticed most of its hype comes from the older tech bloggers on the web. Maybe that's it's target market.

To be fair puzzle games don't turn me on in the first place but in the sea of clone crap that is the App Store, Monument Valley stands out from other games in the App Store. It's been selected as an Editors Choice game. With good reason you can tell the developers put time into making this game. I never had a problem with elements not working or game crashes. Which happen to a lot of App Store games from even some of the bigger gaming names. Monument Valley just lacks an interesting story and game play for me. If you're going to put a story in the game, it better damn well pull the player in. I can't even remember what parts of the story I did read.

Game play was straight forward most of the time you move blocks or other scenery to advance through the stage. There are some tricky spots where you have to move the stage to the right spot to advance. The screen shot below is one such level. Some puzzles are tricky enough that you will want to throw your iPhone. Then you start grabbing and pitch every part of the screen and all of a sudden you find the solution and feel stupid because it was pretty obvious.


I always get flack from other reviewers because they feel my review methods are unfair. I didn't play the game to its conclusion because it was that dull. That's a big flaw when the player doesn't want to finish. It's the developers job to make the player want to play. If you fail that basic need, you failed in development.

I am sad that a lot of the bad reviews this game gets are based on the fact that the App Store is a haven for the something for nothing society. To complain that you have to pay for an update is crap. A lot of work went into the game and it has a loyal audience. I however feel it's all looks and little substance.

If you're into puzzles try it. Otherwise pass this game by.

On the Ninja Scale it's a 1 Shuriken out of 7

Tom C


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