Mystery Fancy Box: My last Fancy mystery box


This was a $20 box and I feel the $10 box was better. This one is a sad sack of crap.

Item 1: Silver Handlebar Mustache Pin/Tiepin


I don't understand this whole Handlebar mustache thing. I think it's stupid. So if some hipster or beard nut wants this please leave a comment below.

Item 2: Alupen by Just Mobile


Look it's 2014 almost 2015. You shouldn't want to poke your iThings or Androids with sticks. What are you a caveman. Ug me needum stick to make phone call *grunt *grunt. If your thinking just what I need a stick Blackberry is giving you up to $550 dollars to trade in your modern mobile device for their year 2000 tech marvel.

Item 3: This thing 😠


Do you know what goes great with a poking stick and silver mustache pin that thing. We have brown leather card holder. Because why not it's not we have pay or Google wallet.This is getting painful.

Item 4: Work Hard and stay humble Wall cling (again)


Fancy must of made a warehouse full of these. I have two now I don't want them so again comments below if you do.

Actually, that's an idea I put a custom Mystery Ninja Box together. With some items listed from the Fancy Boxes a few other items and a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Here is how to win write comments to this post and I will pick one winner. You must not be a member of Ninja Digital or a family member. Minimum turn out required. Contest closes December 10th 2014.

Tom C


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