App Review: AfterShip Parcel Tracking (iOS)

I know I've been rather quiet this week in terms of posts but when one gets a rather nasty run in with depression, blog writing can take a hit :P I do have a couple of Memeboxes to unbox sitting in the wings and I just picked up my first haul from TesterKorea (:D) today and want to write a review about my experience with that as well. But not this week. So instead I am going to review an app I use to track my parcels. Because I hate waiting for stuff to get delivered and unable to track where it is. I will be talking about my experiences here with their iOS version (there is an Android version of the app as well) on my iPhone. I don't know if there are any differences between the two versions or between using the app on the iPhone and iPad. And as per usual, I am not getting paid by anyone to give my review and these are my own opinions.

With that out of the way, on with the review!!

AfterShip is a free app without any ads and does not have In-App purchases. It allows you to track parcels from a huge range of couriers across the world. If you have the tracking number copied and you open the app, it will automatically recognize it and ask you if you want to add it. Of course it will also ask you this even if you already have it added >.> This app is extremely useful if you are tracking multiple parcels and they don't all use the same courier.

The app has a simple, striking but easy to use interface. You have three areas you can access: Active, Archived, or + (which lets you manually add a tracking number if you haven't previously copied it on your phone). As soon as you input the tracking number, it will be able to detect which courier the parcel is being shipped through. Now if you are tracking an international parcel and it will be changing couriers at some point, it will recognize the primary courier but it will continue to keep you updated. As long as the tracking code is being scanned/updated properly. It is also able to give you an estimated day of delivery, though I seem to no luck with this showing up with International parcels handled by Canada Post >.> When I've been using it to track my Memebox parcels, it often provided me with more information about where it had gone in Korea then tracking it straight through the Canada Post tracking system. Downside to the simple UI is that I have no way to edit what type of notifications I want, no chance to put it into quiet mode.

One of the annoying things with this app with Canada Post (I haven't had much chance to use it with UPS or FedEx) is that it is slow to update, and I'm not sure if that's a problem with Canada Post in sharing the info or with AfterShip in grabbing it. I can check the tracking number through Canada Post and it will tell me my parcel is out for delivery. AfterShip will tell me that it was just processed at a sorting facility. I have a few packages that I've put into archive that aren't showing up as being delivered. One was put in the community box so it won't show up as being delivered but another was signed for and it does say it was delivered if I put into Canada Post tracking. Again, not sure if this is just a problem with Canada Post or an issue with the API in the app itself.

I like that the app is able to detect if I've copied a tracking code and prompt me to add it as soon as I open the app. I've tried manually typing and if you don't type it quickly, it'll pull you out of the input and try to find the courier based on the uncompleted information. It would be nice if it wasn't so sensitive to "slow" typists.

When I was using the app to track something from UPS, it gave me an estimated delivery date, which I enjoyed seeing directly in the app, rather than having to look it up through UPS. I'm not sure why this doesn't work with Canada Post. I am trying out another free app and it does give me estimated delivery dates for Canada Post packages.

While I've been using the app, I've found it to be very stable and haven't experienced it crashing or losing my information. there's nothing worse then having an app crash frequently on you and lose all your information.

Since I've only had the chance to use it on the iPhone, I am not sure if it has an iPad version or if it has a different layout for the iPad. While I find this app great for using on the iPhone, I would find the layout to be lacking if it was the same on the iPad. With the larger real estate, I would expect them to take advantage of it. Perhaps have the active tracking numbers be tabbed out? It would just be too much wasted space for an iPad if it had the same layout as the iPhone.

If you're looking for an app to track parcels (either as a seller or a buyer) and you're not tracking through the same courier, I would recommend using this app for the iPhone. It's light weight, no ads, simple, and easy to use.

Peggy D

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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