GENCON 2014 Indianapolis

Indianapolis GENCON an annual table top gaming con. Or at least it started as a table top gaming convention. Yet all around me there are people dressed up as characters from Star Wars, anime and more. I went with Ignite Press member John Gaddis who had just won three rounds of Rock,Paper scissors, Lizard and Spock tournament. GENCON takes up a massive amount of the Indianapolis convention center with areas for classic table top RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Battle Tech and Magic the gathering. In between these areas attendees can check out new games from smaller companies hoping to break into the this gaming space.

Japanime games gave us a tour of their game Krosmaster. A game that brings the style of JRPGs to your table with beautifully designed characters and pop up environments. The style of these characters is just amazing head over to and check out the game for yourself. Also for more photos click the gallery button at the bottom of Audio Ninjas Dot Com.

Over at the Dungeons and Dragons Area Gaddis got a hands on walkthrough of the Never Winter PC game a Dungeons and Dragons free to play MMO. You can find out more about that in his review.

The main enjoyment we got out of this event was the Cos-players I’ll include a link to the gallery below so you can check out some of the cool cos-play below. All and all We had a good time at GENCON 2014 and if you followed @ignitepress in twitter and event posts on you got to see videos and more of our experience. This is an event you have to take in for yourself at least once even if you are not into the genres this event covers. Play a few games and meet some new people. I would like to thank GENCON for allowing us press access to this event we had a lot of fun.

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GENCON 2014 Gallery 

40 Years of Gen Con
By Robin D. Laws

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