A better you starts with your wallet.

So welcome to 2015. With a new year comes new promises to make ourselves better. You want to be a better human. Cool good for you but what most of us do is bite off way more than we can chew, then give up. So I thought I'd give you a few baby steps to make you better with minimal effort. So let's start with that disgraceful leather man pouch in your back pocket.


*Step One: Have a decent wallet *


Coach Men's wallet 

Coach Men's wallet 

A name brand wallet isn't required here but let's up grade past that velcro Batman cloth wallet , and for God sake your not a teen anymore time to throw away that duct tape wallet. Make sure the wallet you buy has room for stuff. Because your going to have stuff in it.

Stage two: The Essentials Keep these items there at all times.

Debit, Credit card or both (Because money is good)

$50 cash (You got a lot of gift cards to restaurants and you can't tip with a gift card)

Two forms of ID (Yes, two your a damn adult get a passport card Canada is like Ireland light and then there is Mexico)

A condom (It's tradition replace as it expires)

Stage Three: The Extras and Upgrades

Get an American Express card. AMEX works almost everywhere anymore. Especially clubs, restaurants and bars. AMEX cards come with sweet membership rewards and awesome customer service. I suggest AMEX charge cards there is no set limit as long as you pay it off each month. AMEX cards hook to Pay and your smartphone for added security. The minute your card is swiped you are alerted with a push message and a passbook update if your an iPhone user. So if your card is stolen you'll know the minute someone uses it.


Lock Pick set


No, I'm not a stealthy master criminal who is going to brake into your house and take your stuff. I've seen your stuff it's sucks. No, but seriously this isn't for anything but your own security. Sometimes we lock ourselves out of our homes and offices. You need a way to get in without going He-Man and shoulder chucking the door open. Get a decent pick set and practice using it. (Link to Video) It's isn't illegal to carry a lock pick set. If your worried about what others will think then don't tell them. I'm not an expert but I can get into most of the locks I come across daily with minimal effect. I also have cracked a safe or two but that's a story for another day.

A Knife


A good knife is a mans best friend. If television and movies have taught us anything it's you never know when your going to be in the middle of a highly choreographed knife fight. Actually it's just a good tool to carry and they make a few that side right into your wallet. I carry a knife everyday in my pocket. I'm in a job where it comes in handy. As for you my office worker friends if you stroll into work with a knife your sissy boy office workers will freak. So you have to conceal things and that's where this baby comes in handy.


So, I hope I helped you on your 2015 resolution to make your self better.

Tom C


President of Ninja Digital LINE ID: alwaysshaken