The Great Gatsby book review

The Great Gatsby is a book narrated by the one of the main characters whose name is Nick caraway who was the famous Jay Gatsby’s neighbor who narrates the story based on the events that occurred during the time he lived next to Gatsby. The story begins with nick moving from the Midwest to West Egg, Long Island, searching to strive to become better salesman. A couple days after Nick arrival he travels to town to visit his cousin Daisy and her husband, Tom, a imposing man whom Nick had meet in college. There he meets the professional golfer Jordan Baker. Both His cousin and her husband and Jordan Baker live privileged lives filled with money and luxury, While Nick lived more of modest lifestyle. When Nick returns home that evening, he notices his neighbor, Gatsby, strangely standing in the dark and stretching his arms toward the water and staring at solitary green light across. During that time nick is invited to accompany tom to hangout with his friends and meet his mistress whose husband owns a basic garage shortly after hanging out with tom and his friends Tom and one of his friends result in fighting over Daisy Tom’s wife. The fight ends in tom breaking his friends nose. Later that day Nick focus on his strange neighbor who every weekend throws amazing parties for the wealthy and fashionable. When nick is invited to one of the famous parties hosted by Jay Gatsby He runs into Jordan Baker and then is introduced to Jay Gatsby who is a gracious host but then nick realizes he’s more of an observer then a participant. Time passes and Nick and Gatsby become friends. He begins to spend a lot of time with Gatsby and Jordan on a normal basis. One day nick goes into town with Gatsby and meets one of his partners. Days later nick and Jordan are having tea nick learns about the story of Gatsby who is in love with Daisy who he meet while in the army years earlier but they were not able to be together due Gatsby not being able to support her. When Gatsby and Daisy meet again they begin to have an affair as time passes Daisy starts expressing her love for Gatsby not caring anymore when tom notices she starts paying special to Gatsby tom immediately realizes what’s going on. A number of things happen as tom learns about Daisy and Gatsby affair, Tom drives into the city to see his mistress but when he arrives he finds out myrtle’s husband has found out about his wife affair but doesn’t know who the man is. Myrtle’s husbands tell tom he’s taking his wife west so all in short time tom loses his wife and his mistress which upsets him and causes him to drive hastily into the city. Days Later when tom is approaching Wilson’s garage he notices a terrible accident has occurred finding out his mistress was killed by a speeding car which turned out to be Gatsby’s. Wilson wants to track down the one who killed his wife when doing so it lead him to Gatsby He then Murdered him then committed suicide.

The book was filled with different emotions and a variety of scenes. After every chapter it leaves you wanting to know more. I enjoyed the book more than the movie itself because it felt more intriguing. Every scene I would read felt real and I was able to picture all the different characters and the scenes. The mystery of the story is what made the book better then movie. The book can bring out all different type of emotions can even change someone's perspective on certainsituations and views. The book can be a little violent but nothing to explicet its more of a romance filled with mysterty and intruging scenes.I reccomded the book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery book but also has some romance. Reading the book first is reccomended before watching the movie because it provides you a better understanding on the story and the mystery behind it.