Memebox Unboxing: Foot Therapy

While the Skin Food and Face Shop boxes were my first boxes from Memebox, they were not the first boxes I ordered. Today I will talk about one of the first boxes I ordered: Foot Therapy box! There must be some things with peppermint because I could smell it the moment I opened the box the first time. Originally I bought this for myself to treat my feet to some loving during the winter months, but while I waited to get my hands on this box, I decided to gift it to my mum for Christmas. But SHOOOO~ Don’t tell her what I am planning. And if my mum is reading this (doubtful): STOP!! I don’t want you to spoil your Christmas present!! As such, everything is still wrapped up and I won’t be able to test anything. I only opened the box because I read a review where their box had been damaged from a product leaking and I wanted to ensure that didn’t happen since this was going to be a present.

Disclaimer: No one is paying me for this review. I paid with my own money for these boxes so the thoughts/opinions here are my own. I should point out that the prices on the cards are mostly suggested but you can find them cheaper on websites like, testerkorea, gmarket, and Ebay. Do a little price shopping and see where the better deal for you is, especially when it comes to shipping.

What is Memebox?

“Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology. At the forefront of the industry, Memebox is determined to deliver the enchantment of discovery through effortless experiences, at prices you’ll never say no to. ….Order from Memebox only when you want to, as often as you want to. In addition to our box series, Memeshop carries full-sized products featured in previous Memeboxes, offering easy access to Korean cosmetic trends.” from

#77 Foot Therapy

The cold season arrives with comfy sweaters, camel-colored trench coats, beautiful autumn trees and snug boots, but with all these fall and winter delights also comes dehydrated feet and cracked soles! Our feet are affected by the cold weather harshness as we let our foot care routine lapse during the colder months, just bundling them up with fluffy socks and snuggly boot. Feet become calloused, rough, and dry, with skin flaking off with each touch. Totally embarrassing. Take this chance to slough away foot imperfections and drench feet with skin-loving foot therapy products that will get your feet baby-smooth and totally renewed

What was in the box?

Lash New Cool Foot (V2.0)

Product Description:

Freshen up from bad odour and maintain good hygiene on your feet with Lasha’s New Cool Foot enriched with 100% naturally-derived plant extracts it’s easy to use and will leave your feet silky soft and refreshed with just one spray.

Retail Price: $18 US

Size: 150ml

My thoughts? Mum always found the foot sprays nice in the summer to cool her feet and when her skin was feeling hot

Purederm Callus Reducer Heel Patches Jojoba 4 Patches

Product Description:

Callus Reducer Heel Patches ‘Jojoba’ is an intensive herbal conditioning therapy specially formulated to moisturize, soothe, and repair dry cracked and callused heels. A rich blend of jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil penetrates deep into hardened skin while cocoa butter forms a moisture shield over to protect heels from further damage and dehydration.


Retail Price: $14 US

Size: 4 Patches

My thoughts? This sounds like a wonderful thing for feet suffering from levels of dehydration and cracking. My feet aren’t too terribly damaged but they do get rather dried out from the harsh winter weather and these would be something I’d expect to find in a box about foot therapy. This would be even better for feet that are more damaged.

Shyan Professional Foot File Remover

Product Description:

A professionally crafted file remover to be used with a foot peeling gel or scrub to exfoliate all dead skin cells and cracked, hardened calluses from your heels.

Retail Price: $9 US

My thoughts? … It’s a foot file? Lol I’m sure this works really fine. Not much more what I really can say

Mizon Magic Peeling Foot

Product Description:

No need to massage and exfoliate with this Mizon Magic Peeling Foot which basically looks like a pair of translucent socks that you wear and for the next few days dead skins will gradually peel off from your feet. Voila – the softest and smoothest feet you’ve always longed for.

Retail Price: $11 US

My thoughts? Unlike a lot of the products in this box, this more for long term care since its effects continue a few days after you use it. I’d imagine this kind of product would be good for feet that are extremely dry and needing a deep scrubbing.

Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Mask

Product Description:

Regain the silky softness of a baby foot by removing dead skins cells and delivering rich nourishment into dry, tired skin. The blend of shea butter, urea, peppermint, and aloe vera works to cool, refresh, and deeply moisturize your feet.

Retail Price: $3 US

My thoughts? These seems like the best kind of product to use on your feet either for a spa day or before going to bed. Or before a nice mid-day nap lol

Holika Holika Healing Nails Cuticle Oil

Product Description:

Nourish, repair, and protect your toe nails with Healing Nails Cuticle Oil richly packed with various plant oil complex. It’ll deliver deep hydration and rich nutrition down into dry, cracked nails while soothing dead skin cells at the same time.

Retail Price: $2 US

Size: 10ml

My thoughts? Erm its cuticle oil?? I have to say though that I like the bottle. It’s rather plain and simple and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself, perfect for a person of any age or gender.

Calmia Silky Soft Foot Cream

Product Description:

A deeply moisturizing foot cream enriched with shea butter and macadamia seed oil to soothe and repair skin. This nourishing cream softens feet, while repairing and protecting the skin from further damage or dehydration. Massage from toes to ankles whenever your feet are tired, hot, or tense, and your skin will be left silky soft and wonderfully rejuvenated.

Retail Price: $18 US

Size: 100g

My thoughts? This seems like the kind of thing to use after spending your day on your feet, either running around or just keeping busy. Based on the description using macadamia seed oil, I don’t think this foot cream is overly flowerly in scent so could be used by someone of either gender

Tonymoly Shiny Foot Scrub Wash

Product Description:

A gentle, exfoliating foot scrub formulated with peppermint extracts, lavender extracts, argan oil, and urea complex. It works not only to buff away all dead skin cells, and hardened calluses but also to soothe, moisturize, and refresh dry, tired feet

Retail Price: $7 US

Size: 100g

My thoughts? Another product that would be perfect for a spa day, either alone or with friends, or after a day on one’s feet. This doesn’t seem all that intensive so would be okay to use multiple times during the week

These seems like a wonderful box that Memebox could have released at any time of the year, as it’s always good to keep one’s feet skin in good condition. Also one could many of these items for a spa day event with friends. Total value of the box is $82, which is close to the value of other Memeboxes but the products certainly are useful and practical.

If you are looking for something to get as a gift for a friend or for yourself, I suggest picking up The Hair & Box 4 box, the Tea Tree Cosmetics box (tea tree soil is super good for your skin), or the Global 18 box while supplies last.

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