Memebox Unboxing: Superbox #84 Skinfood

Well I was going to save my Memebox reviews for Mondays, however due to a delay at Canadian customs (grr argg), I didn't receive them until Monday. I didn't want to rush out a post just to get something up so now you get to read it for a Wednesday post ^_^ I was able to spoil myself by looking at the other lucky ones post their own pics and reviews of the boxes but that didn't lessen my own excitement for these two boxes. Since I got two boxes at once, I will post a seperate review for each. Otherwise that's going to get really wordy and long.

Disclaimer: No one is paying me for this review. I paid with my own money for these boxes so the thoughts/opinions here are my own. I would say something snappy about if Memebox wanted to send me free boxes to review, I would gladly do it but I am Canadian and those things seem to happen more often to Americans :/ Boo

What is Memebox?

“Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology. At the forefront of the industry, Memebox is determined to deliver the enchantment of discovery through effortless experiences, at prices you’ll never say no to. ….Order from Memebox only when you want to, as often as you want to. In addition to our box series, Memeshop carries full-sized products featured in previous Memeboxes, offering easy access to Korean cosmetic trends.” from

The nice thing about Memebox is that you have greater control over what you may end up getting. They offer multiple kinds of theme boxes so it makes things easier if you want to try something specific. But don't worry, they've got boxes that are random if you are looking for more of a widespread of products. Or you want to get it for someone as a gift.

#84 Skinfood

Didja hear? Skinfood is finally here at Memebox! We are so excited to bring you our first ever Skinfood Box! Skinfood is the first ever Korean cosmetics brand to emphasize the importance of “feeding” the skin! Skinfood travels all over the world to find the highest quality ingredients to bring you first class cosmetics and skin care! All cosmetics are infused with a healthy blend of fruits, veggies, and your delicious treats to enhance your natural beauty. This box is brimming with a delicious mix of Skinfood’s skin care and makeup to give you a beauty blast!

What was in the box?

Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C Cream

Product Description (from Skinfood website)

A facial water cream that instantly fills thirsty skin with the hydrating energy of Vita A/Vita B/Vita C complex and Alaska glacier water.

Alaska is on initial source of water covered with over 20,000-year-old glaciers. Alaska glacier water is fresh water at mildly alkaline pH, enriched with oxygen, minerals and ions.

Retail Price: $13 US

Size: 75 g

My thoughts? Cute minimal packaging and jar. Haven't had a chance to test it out but I will be sure to do so. Will try it out to see what I think about it??

Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Face Mask/Exfoliator

Product Description:

An effective facial exfoliator, rich in various vitamins and minerals. Use occasionally to cleanse away excessive dead skin cells, oil and skin impurities piling up in the pores to make skin sensitive and troublesome. It’ll bring back healthy radiance and suppleness to skin with just a single use

Retail Price: $9 US

Size: 100 g

My thoughts? Back off. This is MINNNNEEEEEE *cough* Errr I mean, I love sugar face/body scrubs so excited to try this one. Was satisfied with what I used in the past and happy to see this in my box :) But in case anyone is curious about what it looks like against skin...

Skinfood Egg White Pore Meringue Foam

Product Description

An auto-pump foaming cleanser that gently cleanses skin and pores with luxuriant, meringue-like foam. Egg White is loaded with albumin that consists of amino acids

Retail Price: $13 US

Size: 200 ml

My thoughts? This product intrigues me, not gonna lie. I'm curious to see how it ends up working for me. I think that will be the deciding factor on what I do with it. I have used it once before going to bed and it did have a nice clean smell and my skin felt nice when I was done. Try it out and see what I think

Choco eyebrow powder cake

Product Description

Formulated with cacao extracts, thie Choco Eyebrow Poder Cake carries two naturally blending grey, khaki, or brown shades for shaping and defining fine arches with an easy sweep (from information card)

Retail Price: $5

Size: 4g

My thoughts?There were two colours you could get: 01 Grey Khaki Black or 02 Grey Brown. I got the Grey Brown one but I find them to be more light brown and dark brown. Lovely colours and glad I was able to get this one. Perfect cute compact with a mirror. Would be excellent for carrying around in the purse while on the go. And guyz, it REALLY does smell like chocolate!!! :D I saw bloggers talking about it and thought they were just leg pulling but nope. Its true!!! I'm gonna keep this one!!

Tomato Whitening Toner

Product Description (from Global Skinfood website)

This skin-brightening toner containing arbutin and tomato extract rich in lycopene, vitamins, and minerals makes dull skin clear and blemish-free, improving skin tone.

Retail price: $17 US

Size: 180ml

My thoughts? Personally, toners aren't my thing so I probably will see if any of my friends are interested in having it, however it seems like a good product and people have had good results from it. I'm gonna see if I can pass it on

If you're curious about the product, here is a link to a more indepth review and the reviewer's thoughts and opinions about it after using it for two weeks

Overall I am pretty pleased with this box ^_^ Hopefully Memebox will restock this for other people to buy or offer another Skinfood box down the road. Definitely something I would recommend buy if you have the chance too. Total value of the box is $57, which is on the low end of scale compared to other Memeboxes but it is filled with a lot of practical products that some people could use on a daily basis.

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(Before s&h and taxes)

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