Update & More

Hey how's it going everyone? I hope things are well with all of you lovlies. Anyways, I would like to start with apologizes for the lack of episodes this month and so forth. Things have been kind busy and bumpy lately. I want to thank everyone for being patient and understanding. I've been doing AniMEAL for 4+ years now and I've gone through multiple co-host and the best I had is my current one The Doctor. I wasn't going to make this idea public but, I think it's important for anyone who listens to the show or ever has their own podcast to know how I feel. I've kind of stop liking AniMEAL. I seen it grow but, I also feel like it has reached its limits and I started to lose the motivation to do shows and I watch even little Anime to this point. It's not that I don't love Anime or enjoy watching it. I still love it but, I feel like I need a break from binge watching so much of it. I think I have said it before but, I really want to reach episode 100 so I expect to still release a few more episodes of AniMEAL before I make a final decision to close the curtains on it. For those of you who stay with the show for so long many thanks. I'll still be a part of the audioninjas network and you can always catch me on First Issue. If you still want to get Anime news and reviews our video junkie Demon Ralph does few reviews. As for the Doctor I haven't really asked him what he wants to do but, I will eventually and I guess you guys will find out soon too. Expect a new episode soon but, we are no longer keeping with our standard released dates. It will be sort of random until we hit 100. -DCS